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PS Picture Frame moulding as an element of decor

Door lining, decoration of archways, ceiling, plinth - this is not the whole list of moulding strips usage in the interior design. Today moulding is a popular and widely used part of decor.

With it, even the most simple apartment can tune newly, become the standard of interior beauty. Moulding can transform cornice from a strictly functional construction for curtain fixing into a decorative element of the interior. It can decorate the walls, that delimits the space and adds spice. Arches and bay windows can be often seen in a moulding decoration, as a result they get a special lightness and charm.

Modern technologies allow to vary the range of mouldings by making them in any style and for any taste. Marble, wood, gilt, cold metallic - modern moulding can do everything. In framing shops moulding rails are painted and with a help of a special laminated foil get desired look. Antiquate gilt moulding will bring into your interior empire motives, elements of classic luxury. Flat and plain moulding in a hi-tech style will perfectly emphasise minimalistic architectural style. Wood or manufactured wood moulding will bring into your room special coziness and warmth. There are many kinds of mouldings in different styles.

It is also possible to order the production of mouldings considering all your wishes and design fantasies. For example, it can be mouldings with fret decorations, incised designs, drawings, gracefully draped fabric.

Whatever the style of interior - decorative mouldings will always find its place, where it will put the necessary emphasis and bring a special touch into the overall design.

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